Wallpaper? Yes Please!

Wallpaper is one of my favorite design details to add to a room.  It gives an extra punch of color and pattern.

Entry with Phillip Jeffries WallpaperIn an entry, wallpaper sets the stage for the design of the home and begins the creative journey. Designer: Elizabeth Reich for Jenkins Baer Associates.  Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries.

House of Ruby Interior Design - Powder Bathroom with Wallteriors WallpaperI always like to suggest more eccentric patterns in powder bathrooms as to surprise and intrigue guests.  Wallteriors has an excellent selection of contemporary textured wallpaper with endless installation options. Designer: House of Ruby Interior Design. Wallpaper: Wallteriors.

House of Ruby Interior Design - Custom Console with Nina Campbell WallpaperWallpaper can also be used in unassuming areas like on furniture.  This is a custom console that was wallpapered and then lacquered over. Designer: House of Ruby Interior Design. Wallpaper: Nina Campbell.

Bookshelves with Cole & Son WallpaperIt can even dress up mundane spaces, like laundry rooms, closets, and the back of bookshelves. Designer: Jamie Meares. Wallpaper: Cole & Son.

Preferred Wallpaper VendorsSome of my preferred wallpaper vendors include: 1. Designer’s Guild, 2. Osborne & Little, 3. Mulberry Home, 4. Maya Romanoff, 5. Cole & Son, 6. Phillip Jeffries, 7. Hygge & West, 8. Nina Campbell.

House of Ruby Interior Design